Double Exit

Business News – Accounting Students

One common issue I find with a lot of accounting students (both at university and also at the professional exam stage) is they see their studies as the sole requirement or hurdle to becoming a capable and qualified businessperson. When I ask the majority of students if they read anything to keep up to date with business […]

Formula Frustration

One difficulty that many students encounter when studying finance (and also some areas of management accounting) is the various formulae that are required. From WACC, IRR, NPV, time value of money, bond valuation, there is a vast collection of formulae to understand and remember. (Some exams do provide a formula sheet but reliance on this […]

Business Angels – Source of Finance

Raising finance at the start up stage can be one of the most difficult issues for a business. One important source of funding for young businesses can be business angels. These are wealthy private individuals who typically have had prior success with their own businesses and wish to invest capital in young growing businesses. This […]

Tax Deductibility of Interest – Beyond the Rule

For most accounting and finance students the principle that interest on debt is tax deductible and the requirement to incorporate this into a cost of capital calculation is something that is learned off and rarely questioned. It is unlikely that many students (or lecturers) stop and ask the question of why? And what impact does […]

CAP1/2 Material

As discussed in my CAP1/2 sessions with some of the accounting firms I will use Double Exit as a platform to put up some additional content (mainly screencasts of past exam questions) that we may not get to cover in sessions. These may be useful to some students when revising certain sections of the course. […]