Double Exit

Back to School!

September marks the beginning of the academic cycle once more and with it starts the process of new timetables, book collections and lectures! Whether you are a new CAI student or returning for another year, it is important to get a good start to the academic year. There have been many examples of students who […]

CAP1/CAP2 Mocks Study Plans

As we are now three weeks into 2016 the focus for the majority of CAP1/2 students will firmly be on the various CAs taking place. However, it is also important that students take a step back and assess where their overall study plan is. Once the CAs are over the next big hurdle for students […]

NPV & IRR – Using MS Excel

Two important concepts that will be taught in any corporate finance module will be Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Both are investment appraisal techniques that are used to assess investment opportunities by businesses. Understanding both, and the relationship between them, is crucial for any finance student. To do this, students should […]

Business News – Accounting Students

One common issue I find with a lot of accounting students (both at university and also at the professional exam stage) is they see their studies as the sole requirement or hurdle to becoming a capable and qualified businessperson. When I ask the majority of students if they read anything to keep up to date with business […]