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One common issue I find with a lot of accounting students (both at university and also at the professional exam stage) is they see their studies as the sole requirement or hurdle to becoming a capable and qualified businessperson. When I ask the majority of students if they read anything to keep up to date with business news and affairs they rarely reply with a positive response. However your studies and the business world are not mutually exclusive – your academic or professional studies will provide you with the foundation of technical and general business knowledge to appreciate and understand the variety of issues in the business news while keeping up to date with the various aspects of business news can also help to put context on concepts learned in class and help you to understand the practical significance of these concepts/techniques.

Below are just some of the sources of business news/information that I encourage my students to keep track of. Note that some are more specialised than others (e.g. corporate finance etc). There is a good mixture of different formats from old school newspaprs, to magazines, blogs, podcasts and websites. For more links etc. take a look through my Bookshelf pages under the “General Business” section.

Note: There are, of course, plenty of other alternatives to source relevant business news but I’m a just providing some that I use myself and would be happy to adjust my list should anyone wish to suggest other sources they think appropriate for accounting students (undergraduate, postgraduate & professional level).



Sunday Business Post – The best value and most comprehensive source of business news you can get. There is a lot in it but I suggest to students to buy it on a Sunday and read through it during the week little by little. You will quickly find the columnists/areas you like.

Irish Times Business Section



Business Plus

Depending on your budget/focus there are various other good magazines including the economist, business & finance etc also.



Irish Times – Business

BBC – Bottom Line

Today FM – Sunday Business Show



Musings of Markets  – a great blog with a focus on corporate finance, company valuations and M&A activity

Business etc – softer type of business focused site (linked to

The usual news websites (e.g. RTE, Irish Times, Irish Independent etc) also have decent business news sections.


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    Hi, I found your online sessions for FR and SFMA very helpful. They were very well explained. Thank you.

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