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Back to School!

September marks the beginning of the academic cycle once more and with it starts the process of new timetables, book collections and lectures! Whether you are a new CAI student or returning for another year, it is important to get a good start to the academic year. There have been many examples of students who […]

The Attraction of Academia – Accountancy Ireland

I was recently asked to write a small article about my experiences post-qualification and why I decided to go into the world of academia. It includes a bit about my current PhD research and the role academia plays in the development of the accounting profession. It was published in the August 2017 edition of Accountancy Ireland. […]

Deciding to get into the world of accountancy and choosing between the different paths (e.g. which qualification, practice or industry, big firm or small firm, work area) can be a stressful time for people. This not only applies to those studying in directly relevant degrees (e.g. accounting, business) but even more so for those who […]

Business News – Accounting Students

One common issue I find with a lot of accounting students (both at university and also at the professional exam stage) is they see their studies as the sole requirement or hurdle to becoming a capable and qualified businessperson. When I ask the majority of students if they read anything to keep up to date with business […]

Basic Accounting in Business

I am currently reading Innumeracy by John Allen Paulos – a book about the everyday impact of mathematical illiteracy. By all accounts it’s a great read so far with some very good explanations and illustrations of mathematical concepts relating to everyday life. However it wasn’t until I heard a recent podcast from Richard Curran’s The […]


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