Double Exit

Real World Reads – Capital Structure Decisions

Funding a business with an appropriate capital structure is a crucial part of any company’s financial management. Funding requirements for a business can vary from day to day operations to capital expenditure and new business acquisitions. The variety of sources of finance with respect to term (e.g. short, medium, and long) and type of finance (e.g. […]

Real World Read – Carillion Plc [Company in Difficulty]

The recent collapse of Carillion Plc in the UK provides a timely case study for CAP2 SFMA students on the topic of a company in difficulty. Carillion was the UK’s second largest construction contract with a host of public and private construction and facilities management contracts. “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” […]

Real World Reads – M&A (Manor Farm Disposal)

The recent sale of Manor Farm, Ireland’s largest chicken processor, for €94m to Swedish firm Scandi Standard provides a great insight into some common elements of many M&A transactions. Manor Farm is an eighth generation family business but the owners had recently flagged in interviews (see below) that the business may not pass onto the ninth generation.   […]

Real World Reads – IPO

One key difficulty for many students studying for accountancy exams is to link material covered in lectures and notes to the real world of business. The Real World Reads series will provide students with some interesting articles and resources about topical business stories that link directly to different parts of subjects you will be studying. […]