Model Financial Statements

Model financial statements are very helpful for preparing disclosure notes as well as the layout and key line items of the financial statements for Q1 & Q2.

Students should print off one set of the statements and tab the most popular standards and their respective disclosure notes and accounting policies.

The benefit of using model financial statements rather than an actual set of Plc accounts is that most model statements will refer to the relevant standard + paragraph in the page margin so you can understand why exactly that disclosure is provided.

IFRS at a Glance

BDO provide a very useful resource called IFRS at a glance. It contains a summary overview (typically 1 or 2 pages) of each IAS/IFRS and can be a very useful study resource when you are studying the relevant standards.

Given the open book nature of the exam, students should prepare their own cheat sheets for each IFRS/IAS (or at least the more complex ones) to help consolidate your knowledge for each standard and also to have as a quick reference guide in the exam if the standard comes up.


Question 1

Question 2 – Group (Vanilla)

Question 2 – Group (SOCF)









Question 2 – Group (FX)








Question 2 – Group (Disposal)









Issue Questions – Q3&4