If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it from him. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin


Double Exit

Double Exit is predominantly focused on financial accounting, management accounting and finance. It is a blog/website that will provide a platform for access to relevant materials linked to my lecturing/training activities, a bookshelf to provide students with a guide to various books/content and a blog for some never to be read posts. There is also a DoubleExit YouTube channel where I have all the screencasts related to my lecturing/training.


My name is John Nolan and I am a lecturer in Accounting & Finance NUI Galway. Prior to that, I was a Lecturer in Accounting in DCU Business School for seven years and completed my chartered accountancy exams and training contract with KPMG Corporate Finance in Dublin. I am also a lecturer for professional accountancy exams with Chartered Accountants Ireland across CAP1, CAP2 & FAE levels and I provide training for a number of professional accountancy firms.

I always welcome questions from students and please feel free to connect with me using the links below.

Best of luck with your studies,